11 Ways to Make Financial Planning Easier

John Boitnott
8 min readJan 26

Financial planning may be necessary but it’s also notorious for being a decidedly unpleasant experience. For many people, dealing with intimidating life events such as children in college or reaching retirement age, can trigger much emotional or mental stress. Still others may feel overwhelmed as they explore various possible scenarios, challenges, and solutions.

Without doubt, there are a lot of smaller, simpler money tasks you can complete quickly that will help you improve your financial situation to some degree. However, there’s no substitute for a full-fledged, detailed financial plan.

To prepare adequately for your future and make the process of financial planning somewhat simpler, follow these 11 tips. Your end result will be a renewed sense of readiness and confidence to face whatever the future may bring for you and your family.

1. Make a budget and stick to it

A budget is simply a financial plan for the present and immediate future. Based on your current and immediately foreseeable circumstances, a budget sets out your expected income and expenses, both fixed and variable. It helps you decide on your spending behavior to ensure you’ll have money available for bills when they come due.

To start your budgeting process, first learn about different types of personal budget plans. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your current situation. Gather your receipts, bank statements, income records, and bills, then begin marking out expenses against income. You can complete this process with pen and paper, or you can use free online budgeting tools and spreadsheets.

Choose the method that will work for you and that you feel most comfortable with. Remember your budget, as part of your financial plan, will need to be revised periodically as changes in your life warrant, such as a new job, a new home, or having children.

2. Automate your finances as much as possible

To keep your financial plan on track, make as many of your money management tasks as automatic as you can. Enroll in direct deposit where possible. You may also want to research banks that offer earlier access to funds on direct deposit. Likewise…

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