21 Time Wasting Apps Entrepreneurs Should Avoid While Working

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There are only so many hours in the day. Use them wisely.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to find and use the right tools to amplify their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Conversely, they understand how to avoid the things that might be a waste of time when you’re pushing through a work day. Mobile apps can be powerful tools to enhance productivity, solve problems creatively and boost your brand.

However, some of the most well-known mobile apps can also be some of the biggest timewasters. Here are 21 apps that many entrepreneurs like but that can actually be problematic at times. Some of these are useful desktop sites that just haven’t figured out mobile, while others are just outdated or not as efficient as competitors.

This is a decent service but you can’t spend the whole day on it. Good entrepreneurs don’t waste time obsessing over the market. They focus on making their business as successful as possible, not trying to keep up with every tiny market move. That doesn’t mean they are uninformed, it just means they’re focused on more important things than whether the Dow gained 10 points yesterday.

To my mind, PowerPoint is outdated and only allows you to create boring presentations that don’t always adequately convey the links between information. Plenty of other information tools out there allow for more interactivity and complexity.

It’s not that entrepreneurs don’t need to stay connected on social media. They do. However, Facebook’s main goal is to suck away all of your time, and you know that. At least while you’re trying to get work done, there are better tools that will let you monitor and react to conversations across all platforms without too much time-wasting temptation.

There are stories about security risks to Android phones circulating, but there’s really no need to spend time downloading an AntiVirus app. Common sense when clicking on links and Google’s own security features should do just fine.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to stay focused. That means no idly swiping away on addictive, mindless games when they should be productive.

No, the successful businessperson is not waiting around for an Uber, or their friendlier cousin Lyft. In addition to the fact that many a successful businessperson owns his or her means of transport, there are big concerns about whether Uber is actually any cheaper or even more convenient, given how much it impacts traffic.

Just because I’m an influencer there doesn’t mean I think they’re the right solution for everyone. The standard in small business accounting for years has struggled to adapt to the cloud, and plenty of new competitors means there are many options for the new entrepreneur. Vet as many as you’re comfortable with and pick the one that’s best for you.

While some people find it useful for Android phones, this third-party keyboard can be awkward at times and, in my experience, ends up being less efficient than the default keyboard. (Sorry to my friends there)

The social media app that lets you track all those meaningless “likes” and “favorites” without digging any deeper, or telling you how they determine their scores. Entrepreneurs should be focused on conversions, not their own ego.

Not a single app but an overall category here. The cloud is great, but the hype has led businesses to go overboard and use more cloud applications than they might need. This wastes money and time while compromising security.

Most entrepreneurs spend enough time on the road to rack up serious member benefits on airlines and hotel chains. They generally shouldn’t need an app to help them find them good deals.

Picking on another company that I have ties to again. This is “old media” at its worst. Their app is clunky, and the content is pundits and talking heads with not enough of the truly insightful analysis that entrepreneurs need.

It might be the gold-standard name in cloud CRM, but it has plenty of competition, especially on the mobile side. It’s still worthy but do your due diligence before picking it.

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Life’s a beach. Don’t spend it with annoying apps.

Another entire category here. There are too many great open source apps out there for businesses to have any excuse for spending excessively on simple apps. If it can be replicated for cheaper, then consider going with the cheap option.

Another useless app that does something your phone already handles. Successful entrepreneurs need to be tech savvy enough to recognize when an app doesn’t offer any benefit.

The global economy is increasingly connected, so learning foreign languages can be useful for budding entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the Rosetta Stone app has been proved less effective at teaching a new language than free apps like Duolingo. Also, Google Translate, although new and buggy, may eliminate the need for knowing multiple languages in the future anyway.

One of the leaders in the e-mail marketing software market and they’ve been advertising heavily to grow their share. Still, a side-by-comparison shows it doesn’t always stack up on price or functionality against competitors like MailChimp.

Entrepreneurs on the forefront of technology aren’t exchanging physical business cards at all anymore. Stop expecting people to have them! Keep your LinkedIn mobile app open instead at networking events and just exchange digital information when you are introduced.

Simply put, your business needs a more formal system for tracking, managing and paying bills than this app offers.

This messaging app may have been bought by Facebook for $19 billion, but there are concerns about its privacy settings. You most likely don’t want to be doing any official business communication on this app.

One of many, many useless apps out there. Entrepreneurs generally need to say more than “Yo.” They also don’t have the time or the space on their phones to be messing with useless apps.

I think you may have noticed a few general themes with this list. Don’t always go with the biggest name in a space. Do your homework. Also, keep an eye out for what feels right. If any one activity or app is taking up too much of your time without giving you some return on that investment, kick it to the curb.

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