Form abandonment can be a costly issue for any business or nonprofit. Fortunately, it’s an issue that’s relatively easy to fix. If you reduce form abandonment, you could see increased sales, donations, or sales leads.

Understanding form abandonment and your business

While many e-commerce businesses face cart abandonment issues, form abandonment is a problem that can affect any type of organization. When someone abandons your form — leaves without filling it out completely and submitting it — a business could miss out on a sales lead, and a nonprofit could miss out on a potential donation.

Whether you’re working with a contact form, a donation form…

Recently, we’ve seen signs that many businesses are reopening during the last quarter of 2020. Yet uncertainty remains. In some states, businesses have reopened in recent weeks only to be told to close or reduce their capacity for customers. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to plan for the future. Consequently, many business owners and leaders might wonder how they can develop a growth strategy for 2021.

What you need is a strategic direction to provide purpose for your business and help you set realistic goals to accomplish in the coming year.

Here are some ways to build your 2021 business strategy…

Client consultations are full of opportunity for your business. A thorough consultation can help you identify the right products and services for each client, build valuable client relationships, and even upsell services.

The perfect client consultation will do all of this well, but conducting a fantastic consultation can be a challenge. If consultations are a regular part of your business, it’s worth your time to focus on perfecting them.

Steps to the best client consultation experience

A great consultation isn’t as simple as it might seem. A lot of thought and preparation go into creating an effective consultation that converts a prospect into a customer or client.

1. Understand your goals

The coronavirus pandemic has required many businesses, including hotels, to close temporarily. As states reopen, the hotel industry is preparing to welcome guests again.

But it can be challenging to manage staff and guest safety in a hotel, while preventing virus transmission. A detailed, carefully planned hotel reopening guide is key to your hotel’s success. Here are some important items to include.

Start with your local requirements

As states gradually reopen, they’re each releasing their own guidelines for different types of businesses. Most states are reopening in phases, so it’s important to determine which phase includes hotel reopenings in your state.

Check with your state…

The coronavirus pandemic has forced retail stores and businesses to shut down across the United States. With states gradually reopening, more and more of these stores can once again open their doors — with a few changes in place.

If you’re preparing for a store reopening, you’ll need to be ready for an experience that’s not at all like business as usual. However, with the proper precautions in place and some flexibility in your business model, you can successfully reopen your store and welcome customers back.

Check your local requirements

Before planning your store reopening, check with your state government. Many states are reopening…

As an entrepreneur, it can be challenging to be confident when there are so many variables that go into making your business a success. You might think that once you’ve achieved business success that it will give you a confidence boost. In reality, though, confidence in yourself and what you can accomplish is what will help you become successful in the first place.

Considering that the life and work of an entrepreneur is about constantly pushing boundaries and going beyond your comfort zone, staying confident is easier said than done. It’s easy for self-doubt to set in the minute something…

Sloppy desks and appearances might simply reflect your employees’ “authentic selves,” but most employers still expect to see a certain degree of order and professionalism in both work areas and employee appearance. That’s probably never been more true than now, with social distancing requirements and other restrictions designed to help keep employees and the public safe.

This urge to follow a more staid, formal and impersonal aesthetic might even be heightened by an open-office arrangement.

These open plans can also intimidate the more introverted members of your team. Whereas extroverts are energized when surrounded by others, introverts feel sapped by…

Freelancers, gig workers, franchise owners, or small business owners — no matter what they call themselves, these individuals are entrepreneurs. From freelance writing services and Airbnb hosts to small grocery stores and tech startups, entrepreneurs power much of the U.S. economy and have done so for decades.

Even that lemonade stand on the corner of your block is run by an ambitious entrepreneur who is only ten years old. Some of today’s most successful businesses, such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Amazon, and Facebook, were started by entrepreneurs.

Although there are many entrepreneurial success stories, many business ideas also fail. Any entrepreneur…

WhatsApp is no longer just for messaging and calls. This app, which is part of Facebook, has become an engagement and commerce tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. It can provide another channel for brand building, customer interaction and intelligence, and revenue opportunities.

Designed around the idea that today’s consumers and businesses prefer mobility, WhatsApp empowers companies to move into the mobile environment through several different touch points.

Product catalog creation

Facebook introduced the product catalog for WhatsApp Business users in 2019. You can create an online catalog of your products that customers can browse through the app. You have the…

An old adage tells us that "It takes teamwork to make the dream work." In a nutshell, that's exactly what developing and implementing effective collaboration strategies can do for your small business.

While members of any cross-functional team can make progress playing nicely in the sandbox together, a little strategic effort can get even more out of people collaborating on a team or project. To maximize a company’s results, a small business owner must develop and execute a thoughtful collaboration strategy.

This guide walks you through strategies for collaboration and how to develop them. It also offers insights into how…

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