Resources and Tools for Remote Workers Coming Out of Retirement

John Boitnott
8 min readMay 25

The COVID pandemic pushed millions of baby boomers into retirement. However, in an ironic twist, the pandemic also accelerated the rise of remote technology that’s now drawing baby boomers out of retirement to fill gaps in the American labor force. With growing inflation and dwindling savings, retirees are eager for both purpose and a paycheck — and remote work offers both opportunities. With that in mind, here are some of the best tools for remote workers emerging from retirement.

Communication and Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

Some of the best tools for remote workers are the ones used most often. For example, communication and collaboration tools will be a regular part of each workday, while productivity tools can be a great addition when needed.

But other tools can promote personal development, improving your chances of securing meaningful remote work. The right tools can streamline your workflow and even help you maintain a work-life balance.

Here are some of the most common platforms you’ll encounter:


Zoom existed before the 2020 pandemic and was widely used in corporate settings, but it took a nationwide lockdown for the company to become a household name. The service offers video conferencing features that connect teams from around the country, a necessity for remote workers. In fact, if you’re looking for a remote job, your recruiter will likely interview you over Zoom.

You can download Zoom to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for free, though your employer will likely invite you to join remote meetings through their premium account.


Slack is an instant messaging platform that lets you collaborate with your team in real-time (think of it as an advanced version of text messaging). This communication is best for quick questions, comments, or anytime a full meeting is unnecessary.

You can install Zoom on your laptop, tablet, or phone, which means you can take it anywhere. Once installed, your workplace administrators can organize discussions by subject and allow multiple users to join a conversation.

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