School of Fintech: Managing Your Finances as a College Student

John Boitnott
8 min readSep 14

An exciting transformative period awaits you as you brace up for your college life. It’s more than an academic journey, given that more significant social and financial exposure requires you to cultivate responsible money-management skills. You might sometimes feel overwhelmed as you try to balance your social life, studies, and financial responsibilities.

Regarding financial literacy and responsibilities, college students can hardly afford to overlook fintech to master money management like a pro! If you aren’t aware of how digital technologies are transforming money-handling habits among young students, it’s time to explore the fascinating domain.

By adopting fintech tools and practices, college students can optimize their money management skills. So, if you are busy applying for your scholarships or grants, understand the potential of fintech to ease up finances in your college life.

Why are college students embracing fintech?

The revolution in digital technologies has transformed the global financial landscape. Thankfully for college students, fintech solutions offer multiple benefits tailored to their specific requirements.

Think of digital wallets, expense-tracking tools, budgeting apps, and mobile banking apps. Isn’t it easy to keep track of your finances with a plethora of fintech tools? With greater accessibility, convenience, and real-time financial insights, fintech companies are helping cultivate financial literacy among young adults.

Financially resilient students at graduate or undergraduate levels remain organized while managing finances. This enables them to make informed decisions, whether it comes to clearing their student debt, contributing to their employers’ 401 (k) account, or saving money.

How can students manage finances using fintech?

Whether applying for your FAFSA through fintech platforms, starting a SIP, investing in the stock market, or splitting bills with your friends, fintech apps can transform your money-handling habits. Let’s delve deeper into how fintech has been redefining the financial lives of students.